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A selection of classical dreams - music for those of us whose hearts have turned to ice: Concerto pour Marimba, Vibraphone et Orchèstre (D. Milhaud); Pavane (M. Ravel); Sonata in E minor BWV 1034 (J.S. Bach) etc.

"The transparency within Matthias' music spreads infinite meditative particles into the air, as if we were seeing through the transparent model of an architecture. Whenever it comes to this moment, we are tempted to ruminate and reflect life over and over."

"Composed in 1947, when Milhaud started to teach alternate years at Mills College in Oakland, California, and the Paris Conservatoire, the Concerto pour marimba, vibraphone et orchèstre is still the state of the art in concertos for mallet instruments."

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PERCUSSIVE PORTRAITS - a solo performance  combining exotic instruments like vibraphone/marimba, cymbals/gongs, percussion instruments and electronic gear. Including famous compositions of different musical eras (original scores and transcriptions) by Astor Piazzolla, Arvo Paert, Johann Sebastian Bach, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Paul Smadbeck, Toshimitsu Tanaka, John Cage and Matthias Dahms. A variety of suggestive atmospheres are arising throughout the performance: zen-gardens, jungle, temples, trance, nighttime perfume, ritual, sorrow, joy and serenity.

Apart from authentic interpretation of each work Matthias Dahms is focussing on research in new universes of sound by interpreting own compositions and transcriptions. Being one of the few vibists in the world, using a midi-vibraphone within contemporary classical music (i.e. Stockhausen, Piazzolla), Matthias is enjoying to add artificial electronic sounds to the natural sound of his Musser M-48 vibraphone thus to achieve an even wider variety of sounds.

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Escape the ordinary: cosmic percussion music for vibraphone, cymbals, gongs, drums, percussion and electronic gear. Matthias Dahms managed to transform all his experience into a unique and exciting music, called The Sound of Gold. This colourful dream-like music is the result of musical experience of long standing, ranging from soundtracks to contemporary house, deep house and ambient music.

Elements of modern electronic music, house, deep house, chillout, lounge and ambient are masterly combined with the fascinating sounds of uncommon instruments (i.e. vibraphone & gongs) to seduce the listener to take a trip into a secret, mystic and sometimes mysterious new world. This fantastic world is built on pulsating rhythms. There are delight, mystery, rhythm, speed and creativity - and the cosmic sound vanishes in a cheer...

THE SOUND OF GOLD - magic feelings of a universe of dreams.

"Rhythmical percussionism together with classical dream, Matthias Dahms created a music that conquers all. " (United Daily News, Taiwan)

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